Baby B’s nature

Baby B is a very high energy baby and active little darling. She is very determined about what she wants and could care less about the rules of the house. Well, she is a sweet lil 9 month old baby and apparently that’s normal.

She learnt how to clap her hand couple of weeks back. Just after I finish my humming amidst two kids’ shrieks, our tiny little Baby B gives a nice clap. I feel like I have won the “Super Singer” title which is the Indian equivalent of “American idol”.

Baby B loves listening to music and she also likes watching people’s faces. She even has a favorite show. It is Crazy Mohan’s “Crazy Times”, a comedy tele series in Tamil which is telecasted in Vijay TV for the overseas audience. It has a catchy title song called “Bum Bum Bay” which makes absolutely no sense but is the song that makes all of us super happy.

Baby B also likes looking deep into my eyes and it’s her favorite way to steal my heart. A Wonder Kid, She is. Our elder one just adores her and always helps me take care of the baby sis.

Girls are just fabulous and I thank God for giving us not one, but TWO of them.

Baby Food Recipe – Indian Rice with Spinach Recipe

This is a simple food made at home for Baby B which turned out to be splendid success.


1. 2 table spoon – Cooked Rice

2. 1 table spoon – Cooked Spinach

3. Few drops of Rasam

4. Ghee

Mix cooked rice, cooked spinach and few drops of rasam and add little ghee. Put them in a blender and serve the paste.

Your baby will ask for more. This recipe was given to a toothless 9 month old baby. If your baby is younger, consult your doctor to find out if you can give spinach to your baby.

Baby B stood up for the first time

Today Baby B stood up for the first time by herself. She was enticed with the precious TV remote to make her stand. This was done by her elder sister who is turning out to be the smartest athletic baby trainer! Further Baby B was enticed to stand up for the third time with the help of my Macbook Pro whose keys are magnetically attractive to my younger daughter’s fingers. Simply placing it on the couch drives Baby B to a standing position in an attempt to remove the keys from my newly replaced Macbook Pro keyboard.

I am not complaining. 🙂

Baby B’s adventures

Baby B has started saying more words like “anna”, “thaatha”, “athai”, “daddo”, “daddy” so far. She now crawls all around the house and enjoys visiting every room with her momma (clue: it’s me). It’s so much fun to see her party all around. She has started eating solid foods. She wants to eat all the fruits directly! She literally grabs my juice cup and tries to take a sip. She also tries to grab whatever whole fruit I eat. Now all of us have to be very careful around her. She and my elder kiddo enjoy each other’s company a lot and it makes my heart happy to see them together!

Beautiful smile

Baby Bavani has such a beautiful smile. She lights up the whole house with her smile. She likes to babble to all of us, loves playing with toys and is very energetic and powerful, as she is the child of Durga Mata. Sometimes I call her as “Maa” which is synonymous with the divine mother. Calling a child with the name of God will constantly remind us of the divine creator and thus purifies our existence.

Jai Maa!

Bavani’s First word

Our dear baby Bavani uttered her first word last week. It is “akka”.  What a joy to hear her say her first word! Her elder sister was thrilled to hear that the first word was “akka” as it means “sister” in our language.

Baby Bavani also rolled over from lying on her back to tummy last week. Again this first time was witnessed by none other her sister.

This divine song “Bhavani Bhujangam” is so wonderful. Bavani is indeed blessed by none other than that divine Bhavani.

Baby milestones

For the purpose of this blog, let’s call my youngest kid as Baby M or Bavani. Baby M eats well. She has been saying “ah”, “uh”, “ngu”, “gaaa” from one month. If you keep her on her tummy, she lifts her head upto 45 degrees and rolls from tummy to back. She looks at mommy’s eyes and daddy’s eyes and smiles beautifully. She kicks her legs and mimics lots of the sounds that we say. She likes to look at black and white patterns. She tracks objects from one side to the other. She sees me move from one place and another and if i move away from her, she cries. She is happy to lie down and look at everything. She is even more happy to walk around the whole house. She carefully observes everything around her. She likes to listen to mommy’s voice.