There is so much to be thankful for. What a beautiful life this is! Everyday I wish to be thankful for something and actually express it. Today I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my family.

I cant believe my elder daughter is big enough to cook something for me. She went to a culinary workshop and she has tremendous interest in cooking. She cooked and brought lot of delicious food for me from the workshop.

Today she made panakam for me completely by herself. She is pampering me like my mother.

So thankful to God for giving me this wonderful blessed child. 😊


Another year has gone by. So many changes have happened in this world, and not the least of that is Trump in White House. A lot can be written about what I have missed to blog about. I am hoping that 2018 will be the year of moving forward with more goals, opportunities and even blogging.

Personal goals would be to focus myself on being in present moment, do more Yoga, share more Yoga, launch our company and create something worthwhile for this world.

Cycling fun

Last couple of weeks have been real fun. I bought a bicycle (it’s called bike here in the U.S.). A somewhat expensive one called Specialized Ariel Sport costing me 750 USD and I haven’t even got accessories like a lock or lights. The cycles here are top notch machines that have beautiful gears that can take you smoothly across all kinds of terrains. Mine is a hybrid bike that I can use for cycling on the road and also across dirt and gravel paths as well as over moutain. I am super happy with the bike. 

I have so much fun and excitement that my kids (aged 10 and 2) are now totally into cycling. My elder one wants an adult size bike as she has grown quite tall. My younger one pretty much acts like a Olympic cyclist, always riding in her cycle in the backyard or the school’s big parking lot. Hubby is also inspired and he is soon going to get his own cycle. 

My long term goal is to ride my cycle for doing basic errands like getting groceries, picking up kids from school and also use it for training and fitness. I am sure that the bicycle is probably infinitely more useful in a place like India. I just am not sure if I want to breathe the polluted metro air. Rural living in India is kinda intriguing to me. Imagine a nice big piece of land for farming with a house in the village doing a lot of good to the people and the environment and living a much simpler lifestyle. I am very interested. 

Coming back to the U.S., here I am also doing Zumba dance. It’s a fitness dance program that has got lots of exotic moves. It makes me feel at least 20 years younger. I giggle and have a big smiling face and it’s like a nice partying style of dance.

I am just overall psyched about life. Yoga is also going on. I am training to be a Yoga instructor. I aspire to always live my life with full of positivity, love, compassion and mindfulness. There is nothing better than that to be your best self. 

New treadmill

We bought a new treadmill to workout daily and stay healthy. With a small kid at home, it’s difficult to find time to workout in gym. So, it was a smart investment for us.

Today I did 20 mins of fatburn workout and 20 mins of strength training at home. 

After the strength training session, this was the summary. 

 Forgot to take a pic after my fatburning workout. 
It’s so exciting. From tomorrow, I will try to update after each workout for reference for myself.

My goal is to be as healthy and fit as possible. And it’s not a goal that is stagnant. Everyday I have to work at it to maintain my fitness level.

To adorn God or nature

I am somewhat of a religious person who has the habit of doing puja to the deities at home. I love adorning my deities with freshly plucked flowers from my garden. It brings me instant happiness. Having lots of roses and flowering plants brings a new cheer into the house as well.

But there are times like last couple of weeks where we did not have even one rose bloom. I noticed few buds forming but not flowers to adorn my deities.

Today, I was glad to notice some beautiful roses. As I saw them, these two choices ran in my mind. I could either pluck them and keep them at the feet of the Goddess or just let them be. The selfless roses are now decorating the whole world and bringing joy to the passers-by.

As Goddess is non-different from nature, the roses adorn her very own form as they are a part of her. 

The beauty of being in nature looks like a worship of a different kind but essentially that is worshipping the God in His true manifestation.