A poem written by Sri on Mother’s day

A mother’s wish on this mother’s day

— Sri 

Smile & happiness on every child’s face

May all children live with grace.

Food, shelter and clothing, all,

yours, my dear, short or tall.


Protect all children with love

We, the society, have to think how!


Read, write and enjoy all day

Kids, the world is yours, play!

I’m a mom to not just two,

If you are a child, I’m your mom too!

In my heart, you too are precious,

Don’t believe anything else, my love!


All of us have to give,

our love, money and protection too!

To all the kids who are orphans,

Shouldn’t we be their friends?

Injustice to any child,

Is an injustice to the mankind.

Don’t allow, ever again,

tears in any child’s eyes!