Language Milestones

Our younger daughter is a major lover of languages. This 2 and 1/2 year old kiddo can recognize upper case, lower case letters in the english language, knows Tamil alphabets and is rapidly learning Sanskrit and Hindi script (the Devanagari). She can recognize the vowels in Hindi/Sanskrit and also can say A – Anaar (equivalent of A for Apple in the English language. She says those too).  Every day she studiously learns all the alphabets without fail. It’s just surprising to me how much she cares about the shapes of the alphabets. 🙂 If I had had half the interest in language as the Fierce-Young-One, I would have been the modern Shakespeare by now! 🙂 I love my sweet little kiddo! <3 God bless you, my baby. <3

Copycat but a very cute cat

Two and half year old Baby B copies whatever her elder sister is doing. Nowadays She is dancing Pushpanjali (a Bharatanatyam sequence) and keeps watching her sister’s dance on youtube. Her elder sister has been learning Bharatanatyam for the last couple of years and is giving performances. So, Baby B watches her dance all the time.

Baby B also comes regularly to her sister’s Karate class and has been really showing a lot of interest in joining but she is way too young to join. She also sings Carnatic songs like Nagumomu Galavani, Ranjani Niranjani, Bho Shambo etc along with her sister as she practices.

She cheers her sister as she plays the violin. Baby B is one of the greatest learners that I have ever seen. She is constantly curious, always enthusiastic, very excited about everything and is into every kind of activity.

From around 1 year old, she has been showing a lot of interest in Yoga too. She has been doing many yoga postures like Bhujangasana, mountain pose, bridge pose, natarajasana etc from when she was a year old. Today, she saw a picture of Swami Vishnudevananda in a pamplet and started doing Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodana Pranayama) without even learning. My husband really had tears in his eyes when he saw that.

There is no doubt in my mind that my two daughters are Yogis from previous life. In the bhagavad gita, Lord Krishna says that a Yogi who has not attained full self realization but been practicing Yoga will be born in a family of Yogis and Yoga practitioners and they will restart their Yoga practice from where they stopped. I don’t know about myself. But my brother is a true yogi and my father is a great Bhakti Yogi. No doubt, the kids are blessed to be born around these great people.

I think Baby B has been following her daddy’s footsteps. Background story: I have been learning Yoga for some time. So, for fun, I asked my husband to show some asanas . This fellow, my dear hubby, is so good at anything that he does. He did Yoga much better than most Yoga instructors and that too with absolutely no training. He just focuses and holds the pose for far longer than anyone I personally know. What did I expect? I have never seen my hubby do anything half-heartedly or without focus. I can say that is something that I have always admired in him. That is one of the core reason for his success in whatever he chooses. 😉

Baby B and her elder sis even amaze my hubby! 🙂 May these kids be forever happy, healthy and strong, and have a long life. That is my wish and blessing for them. I wish the same for all kids in the world.

To be honest, God has been really kind to me. Every day, these kids just bring us so much joy! 🙂



When my younger daughter went to the library yesterday, her motive was not particularly anything other than to look around and observe. She went inside and that very moment, her whole being became fully curious. She was excited to see all the artworks on the ceilings which a casual library-goer will not pay attention to. Most of us go to the library with an intention of getting some books and coming back out to our real life outside. A child goes there with no particular intention but is able to pay attention to hundreds of things, observing and taking in so much information.

A lot of us live in our minds, have our own stories about past or hopes about future. A child just lives in the NOW. The present moment is most precious to the child. She is not worried about what she is going to eat for dinner or thinking about fun things she did yesterday. She is just having fun looking at every single thing, observing and learning new stuff. That’s a enlightened way of life. That is a pure state of being. A true present to all is our presence in the present moment.

It was a big learning experience for me. I am always learning new things from her.


Baby B fed me for the first time

My younger daughter Baby B, who is 13 months old, gave me a cookie for the first time yesterday and actually held it in my mouth until I ate few pieces of it. She has already tried to my brush my teeth. She is a friendly and loving baby. She also sometimes pounds on the computer keyboard and the music keyboard as well. She likes to take the broom and pretend as if she is sweeping the floors with it. She likes to put hula hoop around her body and pretend as if she is dancing with it. She also likes to take the phone and say blah blah into it.

On the whole, Baby B is a wonderful child who continues to steal mommy’s heart. With her beautiful curly hair, I sometimes feel that she is a little Krishna, especially when she opens the fridge and tries to drink directly from the milk container (of course, the lid is closed). She knows exactly where the snacks are and when is hungry goes directly to the snack cabinet and tries to steal a cookie. I caught her eating cookies two times. She is acting like Baby Bheema and Baby Krishna. She tries to open the doors these days and I have put childproof door locks to make sure that she does not do these naughty things.

She is just the most awesome baby ever. 🙂

Baby B & Baby V, Love you both forever!

Baby B’s teeth and other things

Baby B has 4 teeth with two sprouting now. Interestingly her lower central incisors came first followed by the upper lateral incisors. She has been teething for a long time. I think the lower lateral incisors are going to come next.

Baby B has found a great liking towards climbing the stairs. In fact she wants to climb on everything. When I’m lying down, she thinks I’m a mountain. So, when we took the kids to the park yesterday, the younger one wanted to climb the rock climbing structure. She is too young to actually climb though, but that did not stop her from trying.

She is one year old now. We had a fabulous birthday party with amazing decor, all at our home garden. Kids grow so fast.

Beautiful smile

Baby Bavani has such a beautiful smile. She lights up the whole house with her smile. She likes to babble to all of us, loves playing with toys and is very energetic and powerful, as she is the child of Durga Mata. Sometimes I call her as “Maa” which is synonymous with the divine mother. Calling a child with the name of God will constantly remind us of the divine creator and thus purifies our existence.

Jai Maa!

Bavani’s First word

Our dear baby Bavani uttered her first word last week. It is “akka”.  What a joy to hear her say her first word! Her elder sister was thrilled to hear that the first word was “akka” as it means “sister” in our language.

Baby Bavani also rolled over from lying on her back to tummy last week. Again this first time was witnessed by none other her sister.

This divine song “Bhavani Bhujangam” is so wonderful. Bavani is indeed blessed by none other than that divine Bhavani.