Cycling fun

Last couple of weeks have been real fun. I bought a bicycle (it’s called bike here in the U.S.). A somewhat expensive one called Specialized Ariel Sport costing me 750 USD and I haven’t even got accessories like a lock or lights. The cycles here are top notch machines that have beautiful gears that can take you smoothly across all kinds of terrains. Mine is a hybrid bike that I can use for cycling on the road and also across dirt and gravel paths as well as over moutain. I am super happy with the bike. 

I have so much fun and excitement that my kids (aged 10 and 2) are now totally into cycling. My elder one wants an adult size bike as she has grown quite tall. My younger one pretty much acts like a Olympic cyclist, always riding in her cycle in the backyard or the school’s big parking lot. Hubby is also inspired and he is soon going to get his own cycle. 

My long term goal is to ride my cycle for doing basic errands like getting groceries, picking up kids from school and also use it for training and fitness. I am sure that the bicycle is probably infinitely more useful in a place like India. I just am not sure if I want to breathe the polluted metro air. Rural living in India is kinda intriguing to me. Imagine a nice big piece of land for farming with a house in the village doing a lot of good to the people and the environment and living a much simpler lifestyle. I am very interested. 

Coming back to the U.S., here I am also doing Zumba dance. It’s a fitness dance program that has got lots of exotic moves. It makes me feel at least 20 years younger. I giggle and have a big smiling face and it’s like a nice partying style of dance.

I am just overall psyched about life. Yoga is also going on. I am training to be a Yoga instructor. I aspire to always live my life with full of positivity, love, compassion and mindfulness. There is nothing better than that to be your best self. 

Secret to happiness

Many times attachment and clinging are misidentified as love. Attachment to people and things is like getting attached to a mirage in desert. Neither does it quench one’s thirst, nor is it a really permanent thing. We need an oasis of love, a fountain of happiness.

When love is the quality of our being, compassionate listening the quality of our listening, mindfulness the quality of our awareness and stillness the essence of our mind, then our relationships get automatically transformed into abodes of great peace, strength and compassion. The result is that we transform into joyful, happy people. We also get a joyful relationship and a happy family. That is why being mindful and joyful is not a luxury. It is a need for every family.

Eating fresh

There is great joy in picking a fruit that is grown in your own backyard and eating it fresh. The beautiful Guava tree in our backyard springs forth every year with delicious Guavas that quench our longing to taste this not-so-common fruit in America. I am happy that the younger daughter is a big fan of these and eats them happily. It reminds me of my mom who loves eating guavas everyday from our backyard.

I hope to one day grow all fruits and vegetables in our own backyard. A dream… will it happen?


The real key to love and happiness is to understand the other person. Completely understanding them gives us a chance to help them and love them as they are. This is true for all kinds of relationship.

The love that I feel for my husband is based on this understanding. A reverence for the other person definitely helps in transcending the boundaries of me and him. We become one in the moment of deep joy, reverence and love. The core of the relationship is understanding. Respect and understanding should be deep in the heart and not necessarily in the words. Any fool can say anything but the deep feeling should arise in the heart. At that moment, we become one with our spouse.

Baby B fed me for the first time

My younger daughter Baby B, who is 13 months old, gave me a cookie for the first time yesterday and actually held it in my mouth until I ate few pieces of it. She has already tried to my brush my teeth. She is a friendly and loving baby. She also sometimes pounds on the computer keyboard and the music keyboard as well. She likes to take the broom and pretend as if she is sweeping the floors with it. She likes to put hula hoop around her body and pretend as if she is dancing with it. She also likes to take the phone and say blah blah into it.

On the whole, Baby B is a wonderful child who continues to steal mommy’s heart. With her beautiful curly hair, I sometimes feel that she is a little Krishna, especially when she opens the fridge and tries to drink directly from the milk container (of course, the lid is closed). She knows exactly where the snacks are and when is hungry goes directly to the snack cabinet and tries to steal a cookie. I caught her eating cookies two times. She is acting like Baby Bheema and Baby Krishna. She tries to open the doors these days and I have put childproof door locks to make sure that she does not do these naughty things.

She is just the most awesome baby ever. 🙂

Baby B & Baby V, Love you both forever!

Baby B’s teeth and other things

Baby B has 4 teeth with two sprouting now. Interestingly her lower central incisors came first followed by the upper lateral incisors. She has been teething for a long time. I think the lower lateral incisors are going to come next.

Baby B has found a great liking towards climbing the stairs. In fact she wants to climb on everything. When I’m lying down, she thinks I’m a mountain. So, when we took the kids to the park yesterday, the younger one wanted to climb the rock climbing structure. She is too young to actually climb though, but that did not stop her from trying.

She is one year old now. We had a fabulous birthday party with amazing decor, all at our home garden. Kids grow so fast.

Baby’s eating habits

I’ve heard constantly from my Guru that we should learn from kids rather than trying to teach them all the time. So, when I’m parenting my second daughter, if she is exploring, I’ll let her do her thing (as long as it’s safe and fine). In this process, I am starting to learn many things.

Babies are just like small animals constantly looking for food. I don’t know if it’s teething that’s causing her to act like this or perhaps she is just trying to explore what she can eat by herself. In the process, I noticed that she likes to put whatever interesting thing that she can find into her mouth. Obviously, it’s time to be extremely careful. So, we put a nice gate on our 16 by 20 living room and let her use it as her playground. I noticed that during her “hunting”, when she found crackers casually lying, she put them in her mouth and was thrilled to find that she can actually eat these. It was clearly evident on her face.

To further experiment, I made her a dosa and put it on a plate and casually placed it on top of the couch. She thought it was a variation of her favorite paper (yes, it’s the one which we use to write on!) which she is not allowed to eat and started munching on the dosa. Point to be noted is she ate the dosa like how a small baby animal would eat meat. Let’s forget gracefulness. But she ate happily, exploring the food to her heart’s content. This gives me hope. I think there is an alternate way for the baby to learn to self-feed. I’m happy that she is getting there starting from 10 months.

Of course, this does not mean that I will not be feeding her myself. I will continue to feed her keeping her on the highchair or on my hip in Indian style chatting and showing things around. But occasionally, I plan to use the non-traditional way of feeding. It seems natural to this naughty exploring happy child. To all moms – “Allez Cuisine!”

Black belt yogis

So my elder daughter Sara (nickname) has been learning Karate for the last year. She is now an intermediate student in blue jacket and gold belt. She earned white belt, orange belt, yellow belt and now progressed to gold belt. Therefore she is now learning sparring and use of weapons like nunchaku. I am so excited about her as she has started learning yoga for the last couple of years. Yes, one day she is going to be a black belt yogi and so will be my second daughter Baby B. To be honest, my younger daughter is a born Karateka and Yogi. Just get one kick, punch or slap from her. You will cry in pain! 😀 Okay, for real, its true!

God’s blessing

I never thought I would feel like this. But I am starting to think that it’s not all that bad to have many kids. Considering the fact that many of my friends in US are having more than 2, I don’t really view it as “Oh My God, how are they doing it?! How will they manage?!” Instead, “Wow, that’s simply amazing!” In fact, here in U.S., a large number of people in the city I live in have 3 children and many who have lots more than that.

Children are only God’s special blessing to each family. The more the merrier! Ultimately, it’s only God’s decision and does not rest in our hands.

Because of overpopulation in India, I used to have a negative view about people who have more than 1 or 2 kids but now, I feel that it’s only the people who make our country (or any country) amazing and it’s only the kids who make any house a beautiful home. I thank God for blessing us twice!

Baby B’s nature

Baby B is a very high energy baby and active little darling. She is very determined about what she wants and could care less about the rules of the house. Well, she is a sweet lil 9 month old baby and apparently that’s normal.

She learnt how to clap her hand couple of weeks back. Just after I finish my humming amidst two kids’ shrieks, our tiny little Baby B gives a nice clap. I feel like I have won the “Super Singer” title which is the Indian equivalent of “American idol”.

Baby B loves listening to music and she also likes watching people’s faces. She even has a favorite show. It is Crazy Mohan’s “Crazy Times”, a comedy tele series in Tamil which is telecasted in Vijay TV for the overseas audience. It has a catchy title song called “Bum Bum Bay” which makes absolutely no sense but is the song that makes all of us super happy.

Baby B also likes looking deep into my eyes and it’s her favorite way to steal my heart. A Wonder Kid, She is. Our elder one just adores her and always helps me take care of the baby sis.

Girls are just fabulous and I thank God for giving us not one, but TWO of them.