India, Wake Up! By Sri

Poor children roaming on the roads

But with heart full of gold untold.

Dirty roads and poor hygiene

But people who care to love thee and thine.

Superstitions and myths abound

But hands which worship God all around.

Buying bad chinese goods for kids and old

But teaching good morals with stories gold.

Corruption percolating from rich to poor

But most are simple with needs, sure.

Illness affecting the uncared for lot

But with mind strong which cares for all.

Shame in native language and culture

But will teach children three languages to treasure.

A mixed bag of sweet and spices, a lot to improve,

to treasure, to cherish, to think, to do and to be.

India, you are my life blood and soul.

Wake up India, see your ancient past.

Dont trade your soul for junk food fast.

Be unique and Be You, My India,

Stay strong and stand tall for all.

– Sri

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