Long distance walking

I have taken long distance walking as a hobby and exercise. My longest walk last week was 7.5 miles (12 Kms). I average at about 6 miles. 🙂 Uber fun meeting all kinds of people, feeling the fresh cool breeze on the skin, looking at the wonderful mountains all around our home and neighborhood and chatting with hubby and the kids when they do accompany for short distance walking.

Still eating healthy, doing Yoga twice a day and generally being my best in mind and body… 🙂 I feel Prana circulating and giving bliss. I’m so much more energetic eating lots of raw foods and vegetables… I’m thankful for every single second to experience life fully present with my family and friends.

Had an amazing Navaratri with lots of my friends, having golu, eating sundal, visiting my friends’ homes, dancing garba, dandiya and praying to Devi… I love Navaratri so much!

Gearing up for Deepavali fun… !!! Yay Yay Yay!