New treadmill

We bought a new treadmill to workout daily and stay healthy. With a small kid at home, it’s difficult to find time to workout in gym. So, it was a smart investment for us.

Today I did 20 mins of fatburn workout and 20 mins of strength training at home. 

After the strength training session, this was the summary. 

 Forgot to take a pic after my fatburning workout. 
It’s so exciting. From tomorrow, I will try to update after each workout for reference for myself.

My goal is to be as healthy and fit as possible. And it’s not a goal that is stagnant. Everyday I have to work at it to maintain my fitness level.

Eating fresh

There is great joy in picking a fruit that is grown in your own backyard and eating it fresh. The beautiful Guava tree in our backyard springs forth every year with delicious Guavas that quench our longing to taste this not-so-common fruit in America. I am happy that the younger daughter is a big fan of these and eats them happily. It reminds me of my mom who loves eating guavas everyday from our backyard.

I hope to one day grow all fruits and vegetables in our own backyard. A dream… will it happen?