Yoga is not different from life

The best way to begin the day is to start it early by doing Bhuta Shuddhi or cleansing of the elements. Follow it up by Hatha Yoga to get the best start to the day.

As you do each activity, be mindful at the present moment. That is also yoga. Utter prayers after waking up, while taking bath, before meals and before sleeping. You can chant japa whenever you have some free time.

In the evening, you can Yoga Kriya and then eat food. Most important thing to remember is you should keep a 4 hour gap between eating meals and doing Hatha Yoga or Kriya yoga. But there is no restriction to mindfulness. We can be mindful and choicelessly aware at any given point of time.

Yoga is life. Of course, going to temple, singing devotional songs, chanting slokas and mantras are part of the bhakti yoga tradition. Another great and powerful meditation is “Who am I ?” meditation. Keep doing your best. And remember willpower is everything. Never give up!


To adorn God or nature

I am somewhat of a religious person who has the habit of doing puja to the deities at home. I love adorning my deities with freshly plucked flowers from my garden. It brings me instant happiness. Having lots of roses and flowering plants brings a new cheer into the house as well.

But there are times like last couple of weeks where we did not have even one rose bloom. I noticed few buds forming but not flowers to adorn my deities.

Today, I was glad to notice some beautiful roses. As I saw them, these two choices ran in my mind. I could either pluck them and keep them at the feet of the Goddess or just let them be. The selfless roses are now decorating the whole world and bringing joy to the passers-by.

As Goddess is non-different from nature, the roses adorn her very own form as they are a part of her. 

The beauty of being in nature looks like a worship of a different kind but essentially that is worshipping the God in His true manifestation. 



When my younger daughter went to the library yesterday, her motive was not particularly anything other than to look around and observe. She went inside and that very moment, her whole being became fully curious. She was excited to see all the artworks on the ceilings which a casual library-goer will not pay attention to. Most of us go to the library with an intention of getting some books and coming back out to our real life outside. A child goes there with no particular intention but is able to pay attention to hundreds of things, observing and taking in so much information.

A lot of us live in our minds, have our own stories about past or hopes about future. A child just lives in the NOW. The present moment is most precious to the child. She is not worried about what she is going to eat for dinner or thinking about fun things she did yesterday. She is just having fun looking at every single thing, observing and learning new stuff. That’s a enlightened way of life. That is a pure state of being. A true present to all is our presence in the present moment.

It was a big learning experience for me. I am always learning new things from her.


A blessing from the sky

It is a beautiful day today. It feels awesome to sit in my living room and open the windows and feel the cool breeze on my skin. The air that I breathe now is cold and has nice moisture. The dark clouds in the sky create a hopeful feeling that it is going to rain in this drought-prone place. The leaves move in anticipation. Rose bushes are eager to have a bath in open sky. My mind is now completely empty of thoughts. Just as I wrote that, I hear my daughter babbling in the family room. Can life get any better? We are ready to embrace the blessing from the sky.