Cabbage Dal Recipe – Indian Baby Food


1-3 tbsp Cooked dal with salt

3 tbsp Cooked Rice

1-2 tbsp Cabbage stir fry

1 tbsp Vaththa kozhambu

1 tsp Ghee


Mix cooked dal and rice in 1:2 proportion and add a tablespoon of cabbage and ghee. Add around one tablespoon of vaththa kozhambu just to give it a little taste and make it into a puree with blender. Feed a little to the baby and see how she reacts. Make sure the kid likes it and do not force it if she does not like it. Add the spice and taste the puree before feeding baby.

My Experience

Baby B loved it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cabbage Dal Recipe – Indian Baby Food”

  1. Very nice information! It was delicious and my cousins loved it when they came over for dinner! Please continue to post recipes as they are definitely delicious.

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