To My Dear Sadhguru Who Transformed My Life

To do nothing at all and sit still in thoughts is not easy. Try it and see. But there is something more to spirituality than that. It is also about transformation. Sometimes even keeping the body and mind completely still results in tremendous transformation. Without transformation, we remain stagnant and we don’t evolve into something better.

I thank Sadhguru and all the great saints for everything that I have become. In my temple of silence, In my temple of chants, In my temple of love, I have HIM and what more is needed!

From a beggar in spirituality to the King, only He can make.

To HIM, with love,



Baby’s eating habits

I’ve heard constantly from my Guru that we should learn from kids rather than trying to teach them all the time. So, when I’m parenting my second daughter, if she is exploring, I’ll let her do her thing (as long as it’s safe and fine). In this process, I am starting to learn many things.

Babies are just like small animals constantly looking for food. I don’t know if it’s teething that’s causing her to act like this or perhaps she is just trying to explore what she can eat by herself. In the process, I noticed that she likes to put whatever interesting thing that she can find into her mouth. Obviously, it’s time to be extremely careful. So, we put a nice gate on our 16 by 20 living room and let her use it as her playground. I noticed that during her “hunting”, when she found crackers casually lying, she put them in her mouth and was thrilled to find that she can actually eat these. It was clearly evident on her face.

To further experiment, I made her a dosa and put it on a plate and casually placed it on top of the couch. She thought it was a variation of her favorite paper (yes, it’s the one which we use to write on!) which she is not allowed to eat and started munching on the dosa. Point to be noted is she ate the dosa like how a small baby animal would eat meat. Let’s forget gracefulness. But she ate happily, exploring the food to her heart’s content. This gives me hope. I think there is an alternate way for the baby to learn to self-feed. I’m happy that she is getting there starting from 10 months.

Of course, this does not mean that I will not be feeding her myself. I will continue to feed her keeping her on the highchair or on my hip in Indian style chatting and showing things around. But occasionally, I plan to use the non-traditional way of feeding. It seems natural to this naughty exploring happy child. To all moms – “Allez Cuisine!”

Black belt yogis

So my elder daughter Sara (nickname) has been learning Karate for the last year. She is now an intermediate student in blue jacket and gold belt. She earned white belt, orange belt, yellow belt and now progressed to gold belt. Therefore she is now learning sparring and use of weapons like nunchaku. I am so excited about her as she has started learning yoga for the last couple of years. Yes, one day she is going to be a black belt yogi and so will be my second daughter Baby B. To be honest, my younger daughter is a born Karateka and Yogi. Just get one kick, punch or slap from her. You will cry in pain! 😀 Okay, for real, its true!

God’s blessing

I never thought I would feel like this. But I am starting to think that it’s not all that bad to have many kids. Considering the fact that many of my friends in US are having more than 2, I don’t really view it as “Oh My God, how are they doing it?! How will they manage?!” Instead, “Wow, that’s simply amazing!” In fact, here in U.S., a large number of people in the city I live in have 3 children and many who have lots more than that.

Children are only God’s special blessing to each family. The more the merrier! Ultimately, it’s only God’s decision and does not rest in our hands.

Because of overpopulation in India, I used to have a negative view about people who have more than 1 or 2 kids but now, I feel that it’s only the people who make our country (or any country) amazing and it’s only the kids who make any house a beautiful home. I thank God for blessing us twice!

Cabbage Dal Recipe – Indian Baby Food


1-3 tbsp Cooked dal with salt

3 tbsp Cooked Rice

1-2 tbsp Cabbage stir fry

1 tbsp Vaththa kozhambu

1 tsp Ghee


Mix cooked dal and rice in 1:2 proportion and add a tablespoon of cabbage and ghee. Add around one tablespoon of vaththa kozhambu just to give it a little taste and make it into a puree with blender. Feed a little to the baby and see how she reacts. Make sure the kid likes it and do not force it if she does not like it. Add the spice and taste the puree before feeding baby.

My Experience

Baby B loved it! 🙂