Beautiful smile

Baby Bavani has such a beautiful smile. She lights up the whole house with her smile. She likes to babble to all of us, loves playing with toys and is very energetic and powerful, as she is the child of Durga Mata. Sometimes I call her as “Maa” which is synonymous with the divine mother. Calling a child with the name of God will constantly remind us of the divine creator and thus purifies our existence.

Jai Maa!

Bavani’s First word

Our dear baby Bavani uttered her first word last week. It is “akka”.  What a joy to hear her say her first word! Her elder sister was thrilled to hear that the first word was “akka” as it means “sister” in our language.

Baby Bavani also rolled over from lying on her back to tummy last week. Again this first time was witnessed by none other her sister.

This divine song “Bhavani Bhujangam” is so wonderful. Bavani is indeed blessed by none other than that divine Bhavani.