There is so much to be thankful for. What a beautiful life this is! Everyday I wish to be thankful for something and actually express it. Today I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my family.

I cant believe my elder daughter is big enough to cook something for me. She went to a culinary workshop and she has tremendous interest in cooking. She cooked and brought lot of delicious food for me from the workshop.

Today she made panakam for me completely by herself. She is pampering me like my mother.

So thankful to God for giving me this wonderful blessed child. 😊


Another year has gone by. So many changes have happened in this world, and not the least of that is Trump in White House. A lot can be written about what I have missed to blog about. I am hoping that 2018 will be the year of moving forward with more goals, opportunities and even blogging.

Personal goals would be to focus myself on being in present moment, do more Yoga, share more Yoga, launch our company and create something worthwhile for this world.

Language Milestones

Our younger daughter is a major lover of languages. This 2 and 1/2 year old kiddo can recognize upper case, lower case letters in the english language, knows Tamil alphabets and is rapidly learning Sanskrit and Hindi script (the Devanagari). She can recognize the vowels in Hindi/Sanskrit and also can say A – Anaar (equivalent of A for Apple in the English language. She says those too).  Every day she studiously learns all the alphabets without fail. It’s just surprising to me how much she cares about the shapes of the alphabets. 🙂 If I had had half the interest in language as the Fierce-Young-One, I would have been the modern Shakespeare by now! 🙂 I love my sweet little kiddo! <3 God bless you, my baby. <3

Cycling fun

Last couple of weeks have been real fun. I bought a bicycle (it’s called bike here in the U.S.). A somewhat expensive one called Specialized Ariel Sport costing me 750 USD and I haven’t even got accessories like a lock or lights. The cycles here are top notch machines that have beautiful gears that can take you smoothly across all kinds of terrains. Mine is a hybrid bike that I can use for cycling on the road and also across dirt and gravel paths as well as over moutain. I am super happy with the bike. 

I have so much fun and excitement that my kids (aged 10 and 2) are now totally into cycling. My elder one wants an adult size bike as she has grown quite tall. My younger one pretty much acts like a Olympic cyclist, always riding in her cycle in the backyard or the school’s big parking lot. Hubby is also inspired and he is soon going to get his own cycle. 

My long term goal is to ride my cycle for doing basic errands like getting groceries, picking up kids from school and also use it for training and fitness. I am sure that the bicycle is probably infinitely more useful in a place like India. I just am not sure if I want to breathe the polluted metro air. Rural living in India is kinda intriguing to me. Imagine a nice big piece of land for farming with a house in the village doing a lot of good to the people and the environment and living a much simpler lifestyle. I am very interested. 

Coming back to the U.S., here I am also doing Zumba dance. It’s a fitness dance program that has got lots of exotic moves. It makes me feel at least 20 years younger. I giggle and have a big smiling face and it’s like a nice partying style of dance.

I am just overall psyched about life. Yoga is also going on. I am training to be a Yoga instructor. I aspire to always live my life with full of positivity, love, compassion and mindfulness. There is nothing better than that to be your best self. 

What is your quest?

So, the question just came to me today. What is the purpose of life? How do you say if a life is a successful life? What is that parameter that decides this? Is the purpose of life furthering your own joy? Is the purpose of life just chilling in the most luxurious of places? Is it just to be around your own family, work hard for them and raise children as good human beings? What is that success that we are all hoping for?

At this point of time (especially after a busy day), I feel that this question must be answered individually by each and every person. A standard one size fit all idea will not work for all.

I used to have my own definition of how a happy life would be. I thought when people were poor, they were sad. I thought when people did not have their families around, they felt lonely. I thought when people had no one at their wedding, they felt miserable. But well, those were my thoughts and I might have felt these if I was in any of these situations. I just projected these thoughts on the world and assumed it is true for all. Until I saw the reality. There are exceptions and exceptional people all around.

Now A little background about myself: Our wedding was grand. We had beautiful loving people all around us who wished us the best. Our love was (and is) recognized by all of them. A beautiful moment to cherish. Ours was not like a super luxurious most expensive wedding but it was nice as per our own taste. It was religious, it was romantic, it was filled with so many people who loved us. Now, I came across many weddings in my family and close friends who had really grand weddings. I feel happy that they were happy but never do I ever think if I could have had grand royal weddings like them.My husband is just like me in this. He cares not about outside grandeur. But to some people around me, it matters. The grander the wedding, the more wonderful and successful the people were, or so people thought. 🙂

My mind opened when I met people who got married at a courthouse by themselves and just two other witnesses, had a pizza for dinner and just were in love and truly enjoyed the company of each other. Is that wedding any less than mine? Of course not. I am smiling at this thought.

Now, the matter of success takes on an interesting turn. I thought having a big house with garden is the measure of a person’s success in their 20s. For many years when I was growing up, I remember vividly having dreams of being in houses that were really big, almost castle-like . I do have a much much larger house than my parents. I do have garden with trees, fruits, herbs and flowers. Indeed it is a beautiful life.

But then my mind opened. I see people who build their tiny houses (tinier than my living room) and living happily in deserts and forests, with not a care in their hearts but with lot of love and hope. Aren’t they successful? Of course, to me, they surely are.

Now, what is success to me? To live meaningfully and inspire others to live a life that is truly theirs. Let your heart decide what is your success. I know it is a vague answer but I know success is neither a life of luxury and convenience, nor a life of meditative visions. Success is being balanced in the here and now, and creating the space of possibility to live harmoniously with oneself and with all the species.

It is 12:30 AM, midnight right now. I wrote this post with a smile and joy that has opened my mind even further.


Copycat but a very cute cat

Two and half year old Baby B copies whatever her elder sister is doing. Nowadays She is dancing Pushpanjali (a Bharatanatyam sequence) and keeps watching her sister’s dance on youtube. Her elder sister has been learning Bharatanatyam for the last couple of years and is giving performances. So, Baby B watches her dance all the time.

Baby B also comes regularly to her sister’s Karate class and has been really showing a lot of interest in joining but she is way too young to join. She also sings Carnatic songs like Nagumomu Galavani, Ranjani Niranjani, Bho Shambo etc along with her sister as she practices.

She cheers her sister as she plays the violin. Baby B is one of the greatest learners that I have ever seen. She is constantly curious, always enthusiastic, very excited about everything and is into every kind of activity.

From around 1 year old, she has been showing a lot of interest in Yoga too. She has been doing many yoga postures like Bhujangasana, mountain pose, bridge pose, natarajasana etc from when she was a year old. Today, she saw a picture of Swami Vishnudevananda in a pamplet and started doing Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodana Pranayama) without even learning. My husband really had tears in his eyes when he saw that.

There is no doubt in my mind that my two daughters are Yogis from previous life. In the bhagavad gita, Lord Krishna says that a Yogi who has not attained full self realization but been practicing Yoga will be born in a family of Yogis and Yoga practitioners and they will restart their Yoga practice from where they stopped. I don’t know about myself. But my brother is a true yogi and my father is a great Bhakti Yogi. No doubt, the kids are blessed to be born around these great people.

I think Baby B has been following her daddy’s footsteps. Background story: I have been learning Yoga for some time. So, for fun, I asked my husband to show some asanas . This fellow, my dear hubby, is so good at anything that he does. He did Yoga much better than most Yoga instructors and that too with absolutely no training. He just focuses and holds the pose for far longer than anyone I personally know. What did I expect? I have never seen my hubby do anything half-heartedly or without focus. I can say that is something that I have always admired in him. That is one of the core reason for his success in whatever he chooses. 😉

Baby B and her elder sis even amaze my hubby! 🙂 May these kids be forever happy, healthy and strong, and have a long life. That is my wish and blessing for them. I wish the same for all kids in the world.

To be honest, God has been really kind to me. Every day, these kids just bring us so much joy! 🙂


Long distance walking

I have taken long distance walking as a hobby and exercise. My longest walk last week was 7.5 miles (12 Kms). I average at about 6 miles. 🙂 Uber fun meeting all kinds of people, feeling the fresh cool breeze on the skin, looking at the wonderful mountains all around our home and neighborhood and chatting with hubby and the kids when they do accompany for short distance walking.

Still eating healthy, doing Yoga twice a day and generally being my best in mind and body… 🙂 I feel Prana circulating and giving bliss. I’m so much more energetic eating lots of raw foods and vegetables… I’m thankful for every single second to experience life fully present with my family and friends.

Had an amazing Navaratri with lots of my friends, having golu, eating sundal, visiting my friends’ homes, dancing garba, dandiya and praying to Devi… I love Navaratri so much!

Gearing up for Deepavali fun… !!! Yay Yay Yay!